Our Equipment - not all movers are the same!

You can judge the quality of the move by the quality of the equipmnet

Unified Lifting System

We use a state of the art lifting system to protect your building. Our Unified Jacking System assures a smooth, even lift and prevents the torque, twisting, rocking or racking often associated with other types of lifting equipment. Each project receives individual, on-site supervision. Our highly trained crew is dedicated exclusively to structural moving, and serving our customers needs.


We exclusively use hydraulic dollies. This ensures the transportation is smooth and your building suffers no cracks, sags, or damage.


We use bigger beams that are more than adequate for your structure. Sure it costs us more, but you get the comfort of knowing that your building won’t buckle on top of insufficient support systems while being raised or moved. Quality is worth the extra cost.

Bobcat 430 Mini Excavator

Our Bobcat excavator makes quick work of the leveling and raising tasks we have for our projects. By relying on solid machinery and experienced know-how we can get your project done in the safest and most expedient manner. This saves you time and money.


Hummel is the only mover in the area with a dedicated semi-truck set up strictly for house moving. Because we focus on house moving and raising full time, you are ensured that our equipment, and your move, is done to the highest standards.