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House Moving

How do you determine what you can and can't move?

  • We pride ourselves on having no real physical limitations. If it's man made we can move it!

How much does it cost to move or raise a house?

There is no set price that covers all houses. Every house is unique in size, shape and weight. We must also take into consideration the following:
  • Is the house presently built on a full foundation, partial basement or a crawl space?
  • If it's built on a crawl space, then how high is it?
  • What type of material was used for the original foundation?
  • Does the house have additions, porches or fireplaces?
  • How much exterior working space is available?
  • Most commonly we've found that recycling your building is more cost efficient than building new.

Will the house develop cracks in the interior walls?
  • On occasion, a hair line crack may develop over a door or window. It is possible that some cracks may appear after the house is set on its new foundation however. This is because the old foundation may not have been as level as the new one and has nothing to do with the house moving process at all. Please note that although we are fully insured, we have not ever had an insurance claim filed. Although minor cracking is not covered, any major developments would be covered however. Our track record is clean and we can supply you with references if you would like.
  • How long does it typically take to move a building?
  • All projects are different. It could take one to thirty days. It depends on the size and scope of your project. Weather conditions and the masonry contractors schedule also play a big roll in time
  • What about Overhead Utilities
  • Typically, the home owner is responsible for the overhead utility costs. This includes but is not limited to: power lines, telephone lines, and cable TV.
  • Hummel House Moving has specialized equipment that enables some one story houses to be loaded below the legal height of 18 feet. This is the height that overhead utilities are supposed to be higher than. If we can load your structure below this height that means that the Utility companies cannot legally charge you for them to move lines.

House Movers

Is your moving company currently licensed, and insured?

  • The majority of time, movers are able to keep there prices down because they do not carry insurance or general liability insurance.

Does the moving company require a percentage of payment in advance, and if so, what specific expenses are necessary before the moving company begins the project?

  • Hummel House Moving usually only requires a small down payment to hold the structure or your expected move date.

Does the moving company have the proper equipment to complete your move?

  • The type and condition of a movers equipment has a lot to say about a mover. If a mover does not take care of or maintain their equipment, will he take the necessary care with your house that is needed? At Hummel House Moving we are on the cutting edge of technology in our industry. Not all movers or moving companies are the same so remember look at and ask what type of equipment will be used on your house.

Is the owner of the moving company directly involved in the move?

  • Hummel House Moving is a third generation company with owners Tom, Tony, and Devin involved with the work. This is not a part-time or second job for us. We are passionate about our quality of work and are constantly striving to become better movers. Between our owners, we have over 50 years of experience working as house movers.

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